API - (Application Programming Interface)

Lets your third-party apps talk to your gateway through the guidance of developers.


To let your Application/Website talk to VoxyLine Gateway, you need to follow as below:

Method: POST

Action url: https://www.voxyline/api/webscr


Name What it is as per VoxyLine Gateway
itemName Name of the Item being purchased.
_xclick The type of button clicked is a Buy Now Button
businessEmail The recipients Email
amt Amount to be paid
notify_url Url where VoxyLine will send notifications in the form of IPN
cancel_url Url Where users will be send to if they decide to cancel the purchase along the way.
success_url Url where users will be redirected to after a successful payment.

API reponse: GET

The VoxyLine gateway will respond as follows to the notify_url you posted. From there, you can deal with the response in the manner of your business logic. The sky is the limit from here.


Name Whatis it as "per Voxyline Gateway"
Auth Your secret key as generated from your VoxyLine account
paidBy The person who paid you
amt Amount paid
fee The fee charged in that transaction
payer Who was paid(Normally your business email)
TransId The transaction ID of this Payment
payDate Date and time of this Payment